Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy  
Shore Diving and Snorkel Sites of Bonaire
by Susan Porter
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About the Guide

Bonaire is a unique dive and snorkel destination. Nowhere else in the Caribbean has as many unrestricted shore sites. This guide is a tool for those who want to enjoy the freedom this offers. Most of the sites are easy, but there is something for divers and snorkelers of all experience levels. Descriptions of the entrance and exit points for all sites are included in addition to brief descriptions of the underwater terrain.

With permission from the BNMP I have included their map of all marked sites, rules of the Park and contact information.

There is a quick reference chart for all sites listed in the guide. Aerial photographs are provided to assist finding unmarked sites at both ends of the island.

Here is a sample:

MARGATE BAY            REEF #0004
Marked site - BNMP #55
Excellent snorkel site

THE ENTRANCE AND EXIT: The area between the road and the ocean can fill with water at high tide. Your best option is to park just off the road and walk. Rocks at the shoreline form a ledge with a step down. South of the parking area on the other side of the large bush there is a break in the shoreline and an easy entry. To the north is another entry between two large boulders. It takes only a few steps across the smooth bottom to pass beyond the surf line.

THE DIVE: The swim is over sand, patches of Staghorn coral and soft coral on your way to the mooring and drop off at 35 feet. The edge of the reef is a haven for hamlets, snappers, grunts and turtles. The bottom is at 130 feet but this dive is best above 70 feet where there is a healthy blend of Gorgonians, abundant sponges and small hard coral. You will want to remember your flashlight. Look to the blue for sightings of pelagic fish. Spotted Eagle Rays like to cruise this area as well.


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